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I have often worked on some websites conception, mainly professional, sometimes, personal. I always have been surprised by this new virtual world internet is, by its possibilities, by its unlimited resources we could not retrieve elsewhere.

This website is like many others I worked on. But pebourgouin.com is more personal, is more complete, is more pleasant (I hope so ! If not, please explain me why and I will try to solve that !).

This website is a mix of some of my pictures, some of my personal covers, some of captured instants I like. You will find different genres, different moods, and different views. I am not a professional photographer. I do not want to be identified by a personal style, by a personal view, by a personal affinity. Everything in this website is different. The only common point is a passion for the photography.

Enjoy your nav...



This website will be update progressivly. Please come back later if some of the links are broken at this time. You can report a broken link or give your opinion using the contact form by clicking here . Thank you. (c) Pierre-Emmanuel Bourgouin